Concrete Canvas: Home Projects F.A.Q. Concrete Cloth material would be used as a substitute to the ODOT standard practice of field paving an invert with 3-inchthick reinforced concrete. The cost to cut open then replace the culvert was prohibitive, but this culvert could not be left alone without further degradation, which could jeopardize the overlying roadway.Pipe sections had been added over […], STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEWIn September 2015, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) found that flood flows were causing erosion of the foundation slope near the columns below a two-lane roadway bridge on Ohio State Route 579 in Toledo, Ohio. Concrete Cloth matting is often overlapped to create joints so installation will typically begin at the lowest point of the project and proceed up the grade. Concrete Canvas, is a concrete impregnated fabric, that once water has been added to it, it hardens in a durable waterproof \u0026 fire resistant layer. The ditch is needed to prevent surface and storm water coming into contact with the adjacent mining tailings field. Portable rolls can easily be handled by two people, which reduces the need for heavy, invasive machinery. WATER/WASTEWATER STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWA Midwest Utility burning ILB coal has large storage basins that, over time, are experiencing varying levels of erosion on the basin slopes. Please refer to the data sheet for more detailed information. Concrete Canvas Ltd Shelters cure in around 12-24 hours (depending on the size), before being bermed with earth or buried to provide additional insulation and protection from the elements. The ODOT considered lining the slope with […]. of Transportation (NCDOT) Bridge Maintenance Division 6 had a major erosion problem at the bridge piles underneath I-95 at Highway 87 in Cumberland County, NC. In order to be recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as a certified levee, a levee must meet […], WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWCaltrans District Three determined that an existing drainage system at the interchange of Highways 65 & 70 in Olivehurst, CA, needed maintenance. The material property of concrete are its strength and physical properties: Strength of Concrete Cloth SINCE 2006, FULL MOON ENTERPRISES HAS SUPPLIED CONTRACTORS with a large selection of specialty concrete products. The NCDOT […], STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWA rail intermodal facility in the southeast had an existing steep slope armored with riprap that had deteriorated over time. The diversion ditch, which conveys clean water from the hillside above to a lower creek, was originally […], WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWAs a result of periodic culvert inspections, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) identified the existing triple barrel steel plate culvert as requiring some action. The Administrator for the Office […], OIL-GAS/INDUSTRIALPROJECT OVERVIEWIn October 2014, Concrete Cloth GCCM was used as hard armor berm protection for a secondary containment system at a tank terminal site in Washington state. Canvas Drop Cloth 2 Pack 8oz- All Purpose Use Cotton Painters Dropcloth 6 x 9 feet for Floor Protection - Thick & Heavyweight Canvas Sheet - Durable Duck Canvas Tarp … Concrete Cloth (only available in the U.S.) Concrete Cloth Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCM) are a groundbreaking material technology that makes it possible to use concrete on slopes, in water, and in other hard-to-reach locations, without forms or … A section along the slope had become a maintenance challenge. Social Media. LEARN MORE ABOUT US. The Concrete Canvas Ltd is bonded to the outer surface of a plaster inner layer, forming a tunnel-like shape known as a Nissen-Hut once inflated. This area was also exposed to runoff from bridge drainage. When hydrated it forms a thin, durable, water proof and fire-resistant concrete layer. As the hill has grades as steep as 2 on 1, and averaging 3 on 1, a roughened concrete road was installed for traction to perform periodic tower maintenance. Contact us. Simply lay the matting in the desired location and saturate the top-side of the material using a garden hose or other source. A shingled installation overlapping the rolls is used to reduce any water seepage between the overlapped rolls. Concrete Cloth is extremely easy to install. CC5 and CC8 can also be purchased in portable rolls for smaller projects. The unique structure of Concrete Cloth facilitates ease of installation. Concrete Canvas is used in a variety of civil infrastructure applications, such as ditch lining, slope protection and capping secondary containment bunds. From delivery, the shelters can be … The Concrete Canvas Shelter is a remarkable inflatable concrete building that lets military and civilian users erect a permanent building in one day, in matters of few hours. Concrete Canvas shelters are blown up quickly. When standard practices started to fall short of regulatory requirements, the rail facility began looking for other armoring solutions that would not only […], STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWIn December of 2015, the US Forest Service determined that a mine located in Prescott National Forest required maintenance due to the potential of environmental issues. The product comes as Concrete Cloth and Concrete Canvas in rolls with five, eight and 13 millimetre thickness and is cut and put in place. It is a new era product in the field of construction. The material is available in three thicknesses that come in bulk rolls or small portable batch rolls: The number of square feet per roll of Concrete Cloth® GCCM varies by product. The district also wanted to increase […], STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWA cell phone tower company has a tower site at the top of a steep hill in a remote location in Eastern Tennessee. It can be hung vertically, laid in trenches, or cut and formed into irregular shapes. Unlike regular concrete, Concrete Cloth materials can be installed in the rain and other wet conditions, which virtually eliminates project rescheduling. What is Concrete Canvas? The old culvert experienced scour left of the culvert inlet, and NCDOT wanted to ensure that scour didn’t occur at the face of the new headwall […], WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWA Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) roughly 72 inches wide by 42 inches tall had rusted through the invert in some sections. In short, it's exactly what it sounds like according to concretecanvas the material is a flexible, concrete impregnated fabric that hardens when hydrated to form a thin, durable, water proof and fire-resistant concrete layer. We are able to mimic high-end stone finishes such as granite and marble at a fraction of the cost as well many other natural and artistic patterns. Powered by Create your own unique … The City of Olney, IL, had tried turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) placed on the steep slopes above the cast-in-place concrete channel section with little success. The drainage system combines runoff water from the roadways into an existing concrete drainage ditch that was functioning properly but showing significant surface deterioration. RAPID INSTALLATION. These structures are quite common in the western United States, and serve to collect irrigation water inflows then redirect them into local irrigation ditches for distribution. Photo courtesy of Concrete Canvas Ltd. Choose concrete canvas shelters to build tents, pop up shelters for emergency use or to construct pre-fabricated houses. Due to the location, within the confines of a restricted access army base, a tough, durable solution was sought to adequately perform in extreme conditions.The 3,000 ft2 section along a steep embankment, was […], WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEWWater from a drainage tile and a culvert created a deep scour hole on the face of a 3 on 1 slope in the median of M-53 between the two bridges over the Clinton River in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Concrete upgraded to buy from neutral at Sidoti & Co. Having already used Concrete Cloth GCCM for a similar application, the SCDOT knew its value. The Concrete Cloth material is designed such that the PVC back of the material Clock Spring Company, Inc is a licensed trademark of NCF industries, Inc. Have a question or need more information? Called Concrete … Due to the mine location and surrounding terrain, there […], STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWWhen the SCDOT had severe erosion on a slope face of an overpass bridge on I-26 in Spartanburg County, the department turned to a proven solution. Check out our projects. Concrete Cloth® GCCM is a flexible, concrete-impregnated fabric that hardens on hydration to form a thin, durable, waterproof and fire-resistant concrete layer. UK company Concrete Canvas have been awarded Material of the Year 2009 by materials consultancy Material ConneXion for their cement-impregnated fabric. A Concrete Canvas shelter would cost 15,000 to 20,000 pounds, in the U.K., for a one-off ($23,000 to $30,000), but the price steps down if you are buying volumes. […], WATER/WASTEWATER  STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEWOn highway M-20, east of New Era, MI, a 70-foot metal plate arch culvert was experiencing moderate to severe section loss in the invert from corrosion and abrasion. Landfill & Waste Containment Dewatering Drainage Geocomposites Geomembranes & Liners Pipe CMP, HDPE, PVC & SDR Tensar BX Geogrids Tensar TX Geogrids Tensar UX Geogrids Wall & Slope Stability Armormax Slope System Cellular © 2020 ClockSpring|NRI. Essentially, it's concrete on a roll.The canvas is made of 4 layers, a fabric surface to hold the concrete pre mix in place, fibers that link the outer players together so it hold a uniform shape regardless the angle you use the material on, then you have the dry concrete mix and lastly you have a waterproof PVC backing.Concrete Canvas is a low mass technology which uses up to 95% less material than conventional solutions. vas, is a concrete impregnated fabric, that once water has been added to it, it hardens in a durable waterproof & fire resistant layer. Contact Social Media 864.235.8007 Concrete Canvas Making Unique Concrete Features in the Greenville Area. In addition, there were numerous utilities in the area that would make excavation for total […], WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEWIn late 2014, a new gas line lateral installed on a steep 2:1 slope faced severe erosion issues due to the effects of heavy Pacific Northwest rainfall. CC is a flexible, concrete filled geosynthetic which provides a thin and durable concrete layer when hydrated. In both cases, water coming off the bridge was running under a […], STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWIn August of 2016, 11,125 square meters of Concrete Cloth GCCM CC8 was used as a protective liner for a large diversion ditch at an underground zinc and copper mine on Central Vancouver Island in Canada. All products may be purchased in bulk rolls for placement efficiency on larger projects. See more ideas about concrete, canvas, shelter. © 2020 ClockSpring|NRI. The unique structure of Concrete Cloth® GCCM makes it easy to install in a range of applications, such as channel lining, slope protection and containment. Cement mix is trapped in a flexible 3D fabric, backed with a waterproof layer. The top surface fabric allows water to penetrate during hydration, and the bottom surface consists of a PVC membrane which acts as an impermeable barrier. Concrete Cloth™ Slope Protection – Midwest USA. Since the roadway above the existing culvert had just been repaved and new guardrail had been installed, VDOT wanted to avoid total replacement at this time. It allows concrete construction with minimal plant and specialist training. The earth slopes above the concrete walls were prone to erosion. The plant has tried several methods to protect these steep eroding basin slopes, including riprap and vegetated linings, without success.The plant owner learned about Concrete Cloth GCCM during a […], STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWThe North Carolina Dept. Concrete Cloth Hydration Guide - 11.17.2020, Concrete-Cloth-Overview-brochure-06.24.2020, Brochure - Methods for Armoring Your Containment and Water Conveyance Systems - 08.18.2020, Brochure - Concrete Cloth Berm protection Market Overview 08.19.2020, Choosing the right culvert repair solution 08.27.2020, Concrete Cloth - GeoSynthetics - Oct 2019 CC Article, Concrete-Cloth-Trenchless-Technologies-June-2019-CC-1, Concrete Cloth - 7.2016 NAOGP - Pipeline case study, Concrete Cloth - Erosion Control March-April CC Article 2017, Concrete Cloth - Tank News International September 2018 pg67-72, WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWA Midwest Utility burning ILB coal has large storage basins that, over time, are experiencing varying levels of erosion on the basin slopes. Mar 11, 2016 - Explore Sam Sléibhín's board "Concrete Canvas Shelters" on Pinterest. At some points, water was just beginning to undermine the culvert, forcing the township to take some action or risk affecting the roadway embankment and potentially forcing an unscheduled replacement of the […], WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWThe NCDOT replaced a double barrel culvert with a larger single barrel culvert under Ivey Road about a half-mile east of Route 87 in Graham, NC. Typically ten-times faster to install than conventional solutions, essentially its Concrete on a Roll™: simply unroll and Just Add Water. All Rights Reserved. A […], WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWIn September 2014, Concrete Cloth GCCM (CC) was used to remediate a drainage ditch at the base of a slope at Pogo Mine, Alaska. The key to the system is a new construction material, concrete canvas, a flexible cement-filled fabric that hardens when water is added. The nearby maintenance garage believed that water leaking from the drainage tile near […], WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEWTwo 72-inch diameter corrugated metal (CMP) culverts in Greenville, AL, had sections at the invert that had rusted through. Material Properties of Concrete Cloth. The cloth comes in 3′ wide rolls that are easy to unroll. Concrete Canvas in San Diego 92128 listed as licensed Concrete Contractors Near Me Home Improvement and we are located at the address 12335 World Trade Dr California 92128 in San Diego and you can contact us via email or ☎ phone at (858)376-1306, click here to learn more and get hours, ratings and free expert estimates from Concrete Canvas and licensed pros in San Diego and nearby. Essentially, it is concrete on a roll. The fabric can be hung vertically, laid in trenches, or cut and formed into shapes to create a durable layer of concrete, all without the need for molds or mixers. Concrete Canvas ® is used for a wide range of erosion control and weed suppression applications. Note: All suggestions are welcome, but may not be chosen as they are not suitable for this channel. Get free shipping on qualified Fabric Concrete products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today. Amplified Concrete Solutions Global (ACSG) is proud to provide the world with Combat Concrete Shelters. Aquascape Concrete Cloth™ is an innovative material engineered to effectively protect liner in ponds and other water features, combining the flexibility of fabric with the durability of concrete. Since concrete canvas is both waterproof and fire resistant, it is used to build a concrete canvas shelter that can function as a car wash or as a waterproof warehouse. Frequently, weirs are also a part of, or […], WATER/WASTEWATER  STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEWThe Boone Street drainage channel periodically overflows during storm events, overtopping the recently constructed concrete channel. Concrete Canvas Hydro, which includes a PVC backing membrane, is also available for hydrocarbon applications. ★★ NOTE: Please do not ask for permission to use footage in this video, or the whole video itself, as the ownership of all footage remains that of the owners who gave me permission to use it. The Highway Department wanted to make minor repairs instead of waiting for the culvert to get […], WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENING PROJECT OVERVIEWThis existing 9-foot diameter corrugated metal pipe (CMP) was corroding or rusting through the invert or base of the pipe. Milliken Concrete Cloth is made in the U.S.A. Concrete Canvas shelters can be surprisingly inviting inside. 1 talking about this. The steep decline in condition due to corrosion was attributed to the intermittently flowing creek and the invert’s frequent exposure to oxygen; this was […], WATER/WASTEWATER   STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEW The Ohio Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) Office of Hydraulic Engineering had interest in utilizing Concrete Cloth GCCM in a culvert lining/protection demonstration project. In America, modern concrete homes are becoming very, very popular. Concrete started at buy with $75 stock price target at SunTrust RH Aug. 8, 2016 at 7:27 a.m. Concrete Canvas Ltd. was incorporated in the UK in 2005 to manufacture its 2 award winning technologies, Concrete Canvas and Concrete Canvas Shelters. US Veteran founded, ACSG offers the shelter you need to combat the elements. Concrete Cloth can be hung vertically, laid in trenches, installed underwater, or cut and formed into shapes to create a durable layer of concrete. Frequently Asked Questions. All Rights Reserved. The unique structure of Concrete Cloth material facilitates ease of installation. A wide variety of concrete canvas options are available to you, There are 1,632 suppliers who sells concrete canvas on, mainly located in Asia. 3,227 concrete canvas products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which waterproof membrane accounts for 11%, rubber belts accounts for 2%, and other fabric accounts for 1%. We're an Authorized Distributor of top-of-the-line products for concrete construction and restoration, and more: Waterproofing, Vapor Proofing, Air Barrier Products; Concrete Stains, Sealers, and Overlays In the below 'Article' tab, you will find articles on Concrete Cloth GCCM that appear in a range of publications including Trenchless Technology, Erosion Control, and Geosynthetics. Before hydration, the cloth conforms to the contours of the underlying sub grade. Wet the fabric to activate the cement and within 24 hours, the product has cured to 80% strength. This makes a lot of sense, especially since, according to Chemistry World Magazine, concrete is the most widely-used building material in the world.. From this same 2008 issue of Chemistry World Magazine, we learned that over two-billion tons of concrete are produced every year. The asphalt paved swales had deteriorated over the […], STRUCTURAL STRENGTHENINGPROJECT OVERVIEWThe North Poudre Irrigation Company has installed and maintained irrigation water collection and distribution structures for nearly 100 years. Concrete Cloth material has a low alkaline reserve and a low wash rate for a minimal ecological impact. There is an on-site landfill surrounded by drainage swales at the facility that needed to be relined. Vernon, WA, Concrete Cloth™ Slope/Stream Bank Stabilization – Savannah, GA, Geospray® Culvert Outlet Washout Repair – Sterling Heights, MI, Concrete Cloth Twin Culvert Invert Lining – Greenville, AL, Concrete Cloth™ Slope Protection – Toledo, OH, Unset Roll Weight = 3,350 lb (1,519.5 kg), Unset Roll Weight = ~3,350 lb (1,510.5 kg). The cost to excavate the soil overburden then remove and replace the culvert was very high. The Noble County Highway Department needed a preventative solution to protect the invert from further abrasion and deterioration. ET by Tomi Kilgore U.S. Concrete Canvas Ltd, was incorporated in the UK in 2005 to manufacture its 2 award winning technologies, Concrete Canvas™ and Concrete Canvas™ Shelters. Concrete Cloth™ Slope Protection – Midwest USA, Concrete Cloth Slope Protection – Cumberland County, OH, Concrete Cloth™ Slope Armoring – Rossville, TN, Concrete Cloth™ Mine Slope Protection – Prescott National Forest, Concrete Cloth™ Levee Slope Protection – Lansing, IL, Concrete Cloth™ Ditch Re-Lining – Olivehurst, CA, Concrete Cloth™ Swale Construction – Greeneville, TN, Concrete Cloth™ Shotcrete Drainage Ditch Remediation – Pogo Mine, Alaska, Concrete Cloth™ Flume or Downslope Swale – Spartanburg, SC, Concrete Cloth™ Diversion Ditch in Underground Zinc/Copper Mine – Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, Concrete Cloth™ Culvert Repair – Richmond, VA, GeoSpray® Culvert Invert Lining – Noble County, IN, GeoSpray® Culvert Invert Lining – North of Yates City, IL, Concrete Cloth™ Headwall Scour Protection – Graham, NC, Concrete Cloth™ Headwall Scour Protection – Maryville, TN, Concrete Cloth™ Slope Erosion Control – Seattle, WA, Concrete Cloth™ Paved Drainage Swale Around Landfill Cap – Florence, SC, Concrete Cloth™ Irrigation Collection/Distribution Structure Lining – Wellington, CO, Concrete Cloth™ Metal Arch Culvert Invert Lining – New Era, MI, GeoSpray® Culvert Invert Protection – Butler County, OH, Concrete Cloth™ Berm Protection – Mt.