6], Voiced by: Daisuke Sakaguchi (Japanese);[9] Clay Cartland (English; first anime series),[10] Mark X. Laskowski (English; movie),[11] Cole Howard (English; third anime series)[12], Shinpachi Shimura (志村 新八, Shimura Shinpachi) is one of the main protagonists of the series and is a teenager who joins Gintoki's freelancer business to learn the ways of the samurai. 131] He is also a rival of Kagura following an unfinished rock-paper-scissors duel, and he usually calls her "China".[ch. Otose (お登勢), whose real name is Ayano Terada (寺田 綾乃, Terada Ayano), is Gintoki's landlady. Although he shares the last name from the Japanese comedian Ken Shimura, Sorachi picked that last name to fit his samurai heritage. His family left him and his separation from his wife was tantamount to divorce, but he never thinks of signing the divorce papers. Sword!. Interestingly enough, most of his misfortunes could be led back to his involvement with the Yorozuya, even though they are his friends. [7], In response to comments regarding how the series is full of "losers" Sorachi stated he did not make that intentionally. Weekly Shounen Jump Chief Editor 週刊少年ジャンプ編集長, https://gintama.fandom.com/wiki/Hasegawa_Taizou?oldid=67756, Stall holder at a shooting gallery at the carnival in, Life guard in Greater Edo Swimming Pool in, Chapter 43 revealed that the first version of Kondou (which looks like Hasegawa) had him as the leader of the Shinsengumi. Directed by Yûichi Fukuda. Hasegawa and Otae were in charge of cooking. And Gin, obviously. Their father died when they were still young, leaving them to take care of the dojou, and also to be left in debt. 12 cr points . He was given a job by the Hasegawa family, Hatsu brought Hasegawa a suit but he never wore it. Gengai's skills were used for the war between the amanto and the samurais which resulted in his son joining the Kiheitai to stop his creations. Voiced by: Norio Wakamoto (Japanese); Kyle C. Jones (English; movie), John Novak (English, third anime series). The main staff from the first TV series remain in Gintama with Yoichi Fujita as the director. Dubbed anime is uniformly horrific, as far as I have seen, and the voice actors for GinTama in particular are - seriously - irreplaceable. The soldiers found them and started to attack. His character is a parody of Cloud. He treasures them as the only thing he could hold on to after losing his job and his wife left him. 122] In the aftermath Kyubei realizes she herself is still weak and decides to keep training to become stronger.[ch. "General Merchant Gin-chan") is the name of Gintoki Sakata's freelancer business. 146] Her body is rebuilt, allowing her to become a complete robot maid again working at Otose's snack house. 65] As a kid Hijikata was protected by his older brother, Tamegoro, from a group of criminals. As a result of this incident, Kyubei wears an eye-patch across her left eye. Sentai's release was subtitle-only, with Gintama: The Moviebeing the only part of the series which they dubbed. [17] He is mentioned in the manga My Hero Academia by Kōhei Horikoshi during its first popularity arc. Her sister, knowing that she was the problem, threw herself from a cliff. voiced by Mark X Laskowski and 1 other. Despite constant arguments over Gintoki's general inability to pay his rent, she is confident in his defense of her.[ch. He needed to choose to either execute him and Takasugi, or their own teacher in front of their eyes. His name is based on the historical Katsura Kogoro. In order to make their living, Shinpachi started working in a restaurant in which he met Gintoki when the former was being harassed by Amanto officials. [27] In addition, they have appeared in several video games and trading card games based on Gin Tama. 529] In the later chapters, they return to protect Edo from the Amanto invasion. The Yorozuya and Tama manage to stop Hayashi.[ch. Despite the objections because of difference in social status, he married Hatsu, and so married into her family, and also adopted her family name, "Hasegawa", in the process. She is extremely skilled as a ninja and acted as shoguns royal guard. Titles: He is also hot-tempered and often threatens his subordinates with seppuku.[ch. 2] They both met shortly after the end of the war between samurais and Amanto when Gintoki swore to protect her after he ate food offerings that were meant for her dead husband.[ch. Hasegawa claims that is to buy time so that people that he trusts can deal with Utsuro on Earth. Housen was eventually defeated by Gintoki, albeit with the help of sunlight and the Yoshiwara guards. It can be a petri dish of adventures, emotions, mysteries, and ups and downs. In Japanese, Kagura speaks in a stereotypical dialect that is associated with Chinese immigrants. 4] She was very pretty when she was young and worked at a restaurant. The first two seasons of the Gintama series were initially licensed by Sentai Filmworks, which released the first season across 4 volumes from April 27, 2012 to February 22, 2011. Response to the characters has commonly been mixed, with various publication praising the comedy situations and criticizing the artwork used in the series. Despite his good-natured personality and position, the Shogun is frequently mistreated by several of the series' characters with the Shinsengumi also failing to protect him. In reality, Hijikata did love Sougo's sister, Mitsuba, but he doesn't want her to get hurt and involved because of his dangerous reputation. I'll be right there! Despite the objections because of difference in social status, he married Hatsu, and so married into her family, and also adopted her family name, "Hasegawa", in the process. However, as the manga continues, Sa-chan appears less frequently in the series which tends to irritate her. Article by Manga Therapy (Tony Yao) 21. However, Gengai's son died leaving him with a deep emotional scar, and the Kiheitai's leader Shinsuke Takasugi convinces him to take revenge by killing the Shogun.[ch. Voiced by: Susumu Chiba (Japanese),[9] Sachi Kokuryu (Japanese, young); Phil Dubois (English; first anime series), David Wald (English; movie),[11] Jason Simpson (English; third anime series),[12] Antony Kim (English, young; third anime series), Isao Kondo (近藤 勲, Kondō Isao) is the commander of the Shinsengumi. Despite appearing to be a heartless person when approached by Odd Jobs, throwing a fake kunai to their foreheads, she later becomes friends with them. His character is based on Shinsengumi's historical figure Yamazaki Susumu. Otose. [8] In the absence of Gintoki and Shinpachi, she is often seen partaking in games with various neighborhood boys. He burned Tsukuyo's other weakness, Yoshiwara. Gintama 銀魂. After Utsuro's defeat and Edo is saved, Hasegawa eventually became an (accidental) hero of the country. Hasegawa joins the main characters into the hotel, and is being attacked with his rank drops drastically. She has strong principles and believes in maintaining what is precious, even if it means throwing away honor and dignity. Henpeita Takechi (武市 変平太, Takechi Henpeita) is the strategist of the Kiheitai. It is unofficially under the jurisdiction of Kabukichou's elite four members, the Four Generals (四天王). In the series, Hijikata receives a sword that is cursed with the spirit of a hikkikomori otaku nicknamed "Tosshi" (トッシー, Tosshī) who was murdered by his frustrated mother. Although he is a master of kenjutsu, he frequently uses a bazooka.[ch. In the Sakata Kintoki arc, he used a broom as a weapon. He was given a job by the Hasegawa family, Hatsu brought Hasegawa a suit but he … 19] Shinpachi also regards himself as the comic relief character from the series, but tends to take that as something important.[ch. Japanese VA: Gintama Live Action Drama Welcomes MADAO's Voice Actor to the Cast! As a child, Itou was neglected by his family for being a second born not worthy to be an heir despite his gifted nature, and by classmates jealous of his talents. She interacts the most with Takechi, the schemer of the Kihetai, calling him "senpai" out of respect, but also calling him a "pervert" and a "lolicon" for sparing Kagura instead of killing her. She used to work as a thief with three other catlike amanto males. Both also meet Kagura, a young Amanto girl who belongs to the Yato Clan, one of the strongest Amanto races. Although many people consider Elizabeth to be insane and extraneous, Katsura has named the ambiguous avian "Elizabeth" and dotes on it.[ch. Ever since that incident, she has become infatuated with him, much to his exasperation.[ch. Kenichi Suzumura. She found work fighting for a gang of hoodlums, but when they ordered her to kill her target, she ran away. He is the original identity and self of Shōyō Yoshida (吉田 松陽, Yoshida Shōyō) and now part of the Tendoshu. Por favor, leia aqui embaixo! 26] He believes that business is a way of protecting his country. He is also a party-person and gets lewd when he is drunk. He is recognized by his natural wavy hair and sweet tooth. Tomokazu Sugita. Episode: Hasegawa is brainwashed by Kintoki just like others. 17] When trying to identify Shinpachi, several characters tend to notice first his glasses even though he may not be using them; Gintoki comments that the reason for this is that most of Shinpachi's design are his glasses.[ch. [1] While thinking of the name of a manga, Sorachi's editor commented "Do you think a silver samurai would be cool?" To get money for the dojo restoration, Tae w… Kurogoma's group tries to harass and extort money from the Takamagahara host club, but their plan is thwarted by the Yorozuya trio. A small boss of the yakuza group Dobunezumi. His character is based on historical figure Hattori Hanzō. Human Despite this, however, it is implied by Hijikata in Lesson 243 that he … [6] Sorachi has stated that he has liked all the characters he designed and whenever a character has been absent from the manga for various chapters, he tries to make him return. She was named by Kagura who was obsessed with eating egg on rice at the time.[ch. He addresses Kyubei young master, and has for years kept a diary recording Kyubei's activities.[ch. In order to protect his sister, Danzou had to work under the people he hated. He wears a welding mask that covers his eyes, he has no hair and is recognized by a grey beard. 02:29 Gintama The Final Film Adds Screenings with Commentary by Voice Cast 01:45 Illustrator Cogecha Passes Away Jan 16 Kiki's Delivery Service Gets New Musical in March, April Her loyalty and home lies with Hinowa in the underground city of Yoshiwara. Japanese Korean Spanish Italian. Gintama 銀魂. Japanese Name: She is quick-tempered and prone to screeching when she's upset. 4] In later chapters, Gintoki reveals that prior to meeting Shinpachi and Kagura he worked in Yorozuya along with three people of African descent whom he threw to a river when they planned to abandon him or started dating other people.[ch. Although she now knows his identity as a Joi participant, they are on friendly terms. Hasegawa and Otae came to where Shinpachi and Kyubei is and they entered into a cave. Voiced by: Show Hayami (Japanese); Paul Louis (English; first anime series). She leads an all female group of assassins, the Hyakka (Blooms of Yoshiwara), deployed by the Night King Hosen. In the opening songs, he is almost always shown holding a cigarette. 131] Hijikata enjoys fighting and sees Gintoki as a rival in practically everything he does, from drinking contests to Rock-paper-scissors, ever since being defeated by him in battle.[ch. 20] Elizabeth uses signboards to "communicate", as well as an occasional means of attack.[ch. This is based on the historical counterpart, the Kiheitai. Voiced by: Kouichi Sakaguchi (Japanese); Christian Vandepas (English; first anime series), Andrew Love (English; movie). Paperback. Katsura worked at her restaurant when he was injured and hiding from the Shinsengumi. Gintoki's voice actor is Hidenori, and Sougo's is Yoshitake. She started her career singing on the sides of streets.[ch. She attended the funeral of Zenzou's Father and it came to light that both she and Wakikaoru were his students and attended the same class together, during which they would often play Kick-the-canbecause it demanded the ability for them to hide themselves and make instantaneous decisions. Read more information about the character Gintoki Sakata from Gintama? 130] Nonetheless, Okita still thinks of him as one of his three friends. 97] In a past during the Joi-war when he and Takasugi are captured by Tendoshu, Gintoki comes to rescue them by getting himself captured. His father is said to be the strongest man in the Oniwabanshū, and an instructor to many of his peers, including Ayame Sarutobi. However his mother had recognised him, but she was not angry; instead she left him a note to tell him that she would always be proud of him as her son. When Sorachi could not "shake off" Hijikata's initial design, he decided not to use him as the lead character, but added him along with the Shinsengumi to the story. Though his fate is unknown, he is assumed deceased due to the effects of the Benizakura. He gained the nickname \"Corpse Eating Demon\" from the nearby villagers due to being commonly seen wandering in deserted battlefields searching corpses for food and weapons to survive. Because of her Yato blood, she is extremely strong and can stop a speeding motorscooter with one hand.[ch. He is the only character whose Japanese voice actor also portrays him in live-action adaption. It was released on July 14, 2017 in … 4] Despite this, Otose hires her again after she is released from prison, and Catherine has since then become extremely loyal to Otose. Other members of the fan club treat him with utmost respect, something he is not usually treated with.[ch. 8, 65] He has a crush on Tae Shimura and throughout the series continuously stalks her, to which Tae responds with merciless beatings. At last, they saw Katsura. Also he paid off a debt worth millions plus the hospital bill for an ill little girl he befriended, by winning a gameshow that was rigged for him to lose. "[39], Learn how and when to remove this template message, Japanese's impression of a Chinese accent, "First 'Gintama: The Movie' Dub Cast Credits Revealed", "Crunchyroll Adds English-Dubbed Episodes of Gintama", "Bandai's Bubble-Wrap-Popping Keychain: Now with Moe", "ガンバリオン公式ホームページ 開発タイトル一覧 JUMP SUPER STARS (ジャンプスーパースターズ)", "ガンバリオン公式ホームページ 開発タイトル一覧 JUMP ULTIMATE STARS(ジャンプアルティメットスターズ)", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Gin_Tama_characters&oldid=1000677074, Articles needing additional references from May 2009, All articles needing additional references, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2011, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 05:07. Hasegawa is a man defined by his sunglasses. Sougo cares deeply for Mitsuba, and is uncharacteristically polite and docile when around her. Kurogoma also owns a female dachshund called Meru-chan, which he dotes on a lot, and recently Sadaharu has fallen in love with Meru-chan. Voiced by: Yuuko Kaida (Japanese); Marlie Collins (English; third anime series)[12]. He is very similar to Hasegawa in that they are both often seen doing various odd jobs. Voiced by: Yuu Sugimoto (Japanese); Connie Fernandez (English; first anime series),[10] Luci Christian (English; movie),[11] Saffron Henderson (English; third anime series)[12]. report. He was originally owned by a pair of miko sisters (Ane and Mone) who left him due to economical problems. Hasegawa saw this and cut his suit, after that they apologised to each other while kneeling outside Hasegawa's superior's house. He has an eccentric habit of collecting rare pets, but as he is incompetent in managing them, they often attack him or escape to cause havoc in Edo.[ch. She suffers from tuberculosis, and often requires medical treatment, which Sougo used to send money for. 140] Tama is a robot created by Professor Ryuzan Hayashi to provide his sickly daughter with a companion. She believes that if apologies were enough, seppuku would not exist.[ch. Tsu Terakado (寺門 通, Terakado Tsū) is a famous idol pop singer from Edo. 50], As a common gag in the series, Katsura is often called "Zura" (ヅラ, In the first English volume, Gintoki calls him "Casserole," or "Cough syrup").[ch. Send Message: ... and always plays such badass characters, like Oga (beelzebub) and Kamina (TTGL). 17 - Gintama Live Action dTV Mitsuba Arc Vs Anime Voiced by: Kouichi Yamadera (Japanese); David Wald (English; movie), Simon Hayama (English; third anime series). However, after knowing Gintoki and how Kagura is able to use her powers to protect people, he allows her to stay in Earth.[ch. 4] However, she cannot control her strength perfectly; most of her pets, with the exception of Sadaharu, have all met an untimely demise at her hands. They won and everyone in Edo got back to their old selves. Gintama 2 Cast is All Smiles in New Making-Of Video! 145] In the aftermath Tama sacrifices herself to save Yoroyuza. The Past. Information Hasegawa is the legendary "M", the most powerful player in the videogame "Monkey Hunter". His name is based on the historical Okita Sōji. Hijikata has a reputation as a fearsome leader, earning the nickname of "Demon Vice-Chief" (鬼の副長, Oni no Fukuchō). 29] It was revealed when both of him and Katsura are captured, and Gintoki is forced to choose to execute him and Katsura, or their teachers during Joi-war, Takasugi's left eye had been stabbed by Oboro after his last seen with his left eye sees Gintoki regretfully executed their own teacher as their teacher's path already passed to them if he died, thus unable to remember how regretful Gintoki were, and living his hatred towards the White Yasha, until he realized his mistakes that it was their teacher's wishes and remembers how he lost his left eye, thus starting to reconcile with Gintoki. Gintoki Sakata. 40] Her feelings for him seem to be encouraged, as she enjoys being put down and threatened by him, due to her extreme masochism.[ch. He was born in the country side to Iga Samurai, and had a talent for ninjutsu since he was a kid. he performed live on TV with his song "I Cut My Hair". As a result of experiencing many deaths, Utsuro is shown to be emotionless, even fearless. 7][ch. Mitsuba Okita (沖田 ミツバ, Okita Mitsuba) is Sogo's older sister, who care of him since their parents died when they were children. "Silver Soul") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi.Set in Edo, which has been conquered by aliens named Amanto, the plot follows life from the point of view of samurai Gintoki Sakata, who works as a freelancer alongside his friends Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura in order to pay the monthly rent. The VA in Gintama is second to none. Hasegawa is frequently smoking. However, he becomes comfortable in taking it off when Hotaru is present. Voiced by: Shin'ichiro Miki (Japanese); Alex Alvarez (English; first anime series), Christopher Ayres (English; movie), Andrew Francis (English; third anime series)[12]. 6] Although his initial methods were originally more violent in nature (for instance, sending a bomb to an Amanto embassy), Katsura has gradually grown to believe that there are people important to him in Edo, and decides that he no longer wants to destroy the country; nevertheless, he believes there should be a way to change it without sacrifices.[ch. Unfortunately, Takasugi, helped by the late-Oboro’s spirit weakens Utsuro via seppuku from killing the recently revived Shōyō for Gintoki to finish Utsuro once and for all, at cost of Takasugi’s sacrifice. Matako Kijima (来島 また子, Kijima Matako), known as the Red Bullet (紅い弾丸, Akai Dangan), is the only female member of the Kiheitai and is skilled in using a pair of revolvers. In his first appearance, he used a gun as a weapon. Shinpachi is also the captain of the "Otsu's Imperial Guard," an Otsu's fan club, and takes his role seriously. Age: [21], Voiced by: Tetsuhara Ota (Japanese); Clint Bickham (English; movie),[11] Adrian Petriw (English; third anime series)[12]. 63]. He speaks in the Japanese humble manner by using "de gozaru" at the end of the sentences and referring to himself as "sessha," a notably antiquated way of speaking. In episode 62 he was caught saying … Kondou, who sees the fight, compliments his fallen opponent, praising him for taking the beating without retaliating. save. See more ideas about gin tama, okikagu, anime. They took Otae and left. I never did that. He commands a freelance ninja team known as the "Shinobi 5." Her song lyrics are controversial and sometimes have to be censored. level 2. Voiced by: Yuu Kobayashi (Japanese);[9] Jehane Serralles (English; first anime series), Carli Mosier (English; movie),[11] Nicole Bouma (English; third anime series). Not long afterwards, she meets Gintoki and Shinpachi, when they accidentally run over her with Gintoki's scooter. 94] Although the true identity of Elizabeth is uncertain, it appears to be a man-like Amanto wearing a duck costume. But thanks to Shinpachi, Kagura, Hattori and Hinowa, the fire was extinguished. Romanized Name: Tomokazu Sugita (杉田智和) Live Cast Compilation on Gintama Hanamatsuri (Flower Festival) 2017! At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! He sometimes obeys Gintoki at certain points, and helps the main characters in many occasions. Ikumatsu (幾松) is the owner of a ramen restaurant. Kagura always addresses her as "Big sister" (姉御, Ane-go) or "Boss". Saigou is also against anyone who makes fun of okamas. They found Kagura, stating that Laputa must definitely be on that huge cloud. Shimura Tae grew up with her brother Shimura Shinpachi and her father Shimura Ken in their family dojou Koudoukan. 31] He also helps in repairing Tama, as well as help Yorozuya to stop the rogue robot from destroying the space port in the same arc. [8], The main characters of the series are part of "Yorozuya", known in the Japanese version as Yorozuya Gin-chan (万事屋銀ちゃん, lit. Although his wife, Hatsu Hasegawa (長谷川 ハツ, Hasegawa Hatsu), also leaves him, they never get divorced as both are still in love.[ch. Sakata, Gintoki. He is of comparable strength to Umibouzu, the most powerful alien hunter in the universe, one of the few who opposed Housen. (K is for konbu, meaning kelp), but once the glasses are removed, his powers dropped to 1K in Episode 117. The story is set in Edo, the "Land of the Samurai", which has been invaded by aliens named Amanto, who subsequently coexist with humans. The veteran voice … Voiced by: Hisao Egawa (Japanese); Alex Alvarez (English; first anime series)[10]. His eyes are rarely shown, and he is often seen smoking. Terakado Tsuu is a pop idol singer in Gintama anime. She was trained as a ninja in the Oniwabanshuu, but would later resign and become an assassin, as seen written in her resumé. The Japanese voice actor that voices Gin is a main character in the show. 97] Sorachi himself mentioned in the character formula book that he "hates change", which provides another reason for his hatred of the changes that the Amanto brought about. The voice actors from Gintama!! [28][29] Besides video games from Gin Tama, Gintoki and Kagura also appeared in the crossover titles Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars, which feature characters who appeared in manga series published by Weekly Shōnen Jump. Kamotaro Ito (伊東 鴨太郎, Itō Kamotarō) is an advisor to the Shinsengumi who is later revealed to be a traitor whose ambitions of desiring to be recognized were used by Shinsuke Takasugi in an attempt to destroy the group from the inside. Katsura fully forgives Gintoki from the start, as it was already their teacher's wish for them to pass on his footsteps. He is easily recognisable through his bandaged left eye, his colorful kimono, his eerie smile, and the pipe he is often seen smoking. The Mimawarigumi (見廻組) is an elite unit composed of high-ranking samurais rivaling the Shinsengumi who consist of ronin. 13 Jun/Gemini In various episodes from the anime, Elizabeth's true identity is often joked to be Shinji Takamatsu, the anime director of Gin Tama.[19]. The spirit lives with his parents. I am unemployed. The crazy world of Gintama contains Loads and Loads of Characters, each with their own distinctive traits. Utsuro is the personification of his name, for even Batou couldn't read his mind at all, since it seemed like an empty, unreadable vessel. =) Voice actors de Gintama & Higurashi no Naku Koro ni!!! Unfortunately, none of the gang ever manage to learn the attack.[ch. whenever he is called something other than his name, even if he is in disguise. Gintama: Tomokazu Sugita, Daisuke Sakaguchi, Rie Kugimiya, Mikako Takahashi, Susumu Chiba, Kazuya Nakai, Kenichi Suzumura, Akira Ishida Gin is fairly ordinary in terms of clothing, and he does not wear any unique items. voiced by Luci Christian … No matter what, he refuses to remove his sunglasses because it is the only thing he has left to remind him of his successful past. Despite looking completely different otherwise, he is sometimes mistaken for Gintoki due to their similar hairstyles. 2] The Prince is often known as "Baka Ōji" (Stupid Prince) due to his simple-mindedness and lack of responsibility with his animal collection. 11. 17] Contrary to his rivalry with Gintoki, both characters share many of the same traits, such as being afraid of ghosts and dentists. Chapter: 2 Years Later After rescuing Matsuidaira and Kondou, as a result of having loose most of their allies, including Sasaki, whose secretly aid Shinsengumi for Shige Shige's sake to protect their country, when the Bakufu is corrupted again by Nobu Nobu, like the time during Sada Sada's rule, the Joui observation leader, Katsura suggest them to leave Edo due to critical politics during Nobu Nobu's reign and being the face of the rebellion to stopped a return of corrupted Bakufu and Tendoshu because of their loyalty to their late-wise Shige Shige, despite want to protect the people in Edo, but has no choice to stay in a shadow with the Joui groups.[ch.