Ironman 70.3 history. (i.e: 1,000 points for an IRONMAN and 700 for an IRONMAN 70.3 event.) For males, the average half marathon finish time is 1:55:26. 5150 diminish at a rate of 21 points per minute. The middle distance, 70.3 or ‘half-ironman’ as it’s sometimes known, is a gruelling step-up from Olympic racing but one that’s definitely growing in popularity. The longest week of training is only about 6.5-7.5 hours total, with individual workouts that approximate the half-Ironman legs, outside of an extra-long swim workout to boost confidence in the water. Calculating your possible Ironman timing is not as simple as adding up the numbers. Total: 70.3 miles (112.997km) Swim: 1.2 mile (1.9km) Bike: 56 mile (90km) Run: 1 half-marathon (21.09km) RELATED: Difference Between Triathlon Wetsuits & Surf Wetsuits? However, prior to the launch of the 70.3 series in 2005, races were then known as Half Ironman before adopting the Ironman 70.3 label. The 70.3 takes about 6 hours on average to finish: the swim takes 45 minutes, the bike ride about 3:00, and the run approximately 2:15. Mandatory Cut Off Times For An Ironman 70.3 Race. Of course, finish times really depend on your age group. Ironman 70.3 Triathlon Distances. Use the chart below to quickly reference how your SBR paces match up for the Half Ironman race distance. The best running shoes 2020 - our award winners The oldest half-iron-distance race, though not under the WTC umbrella at the time, is the Superfrog Triathlon, which began in 1979. How Can You Calculate Your Ironman Time? In an IRONMAN, the points diminish at a rate of approximately 12 points per minute. There is a value to the minutes and seconds in each race distance. Find out the average swim/bike/run times for every age group here, and what you should aim for!Learn how to fix your sinking swimming legs here! For that reason, I focused more of my limited training time on the second two disciplines. The first Half Ironman branded race was Half Ironman UK, which was raced in 2001. For instance if you are able to swim the 1.2 miles in 2:30 per 100 yards you will complete the swim leg in 52 minutes. Average female 70.3 finish times overall Average male 70.3 finish times overall Swim Cut-Off: 1 hour 10 minutes (from YOUR chip swim start time) Combined Swim & Bike Cut-Off: 5 hours 30 minutes (from YOUR chip swim start time) This is a great resource to quickly figure out what your current paces will get you in a 70.3 race. Over the course of many hours, that’s not a huge impact, especially considering you can save 30-60 minutes on the bike, or 20-40 minutes on the run. Secondly, having a great swim vs a good swim will save you 5-10 minutes on the Half Ironman distance. Below are the average swim, bike, and run finish times for elite age group triathletes who competed in Half-Ironman 70.3 events over the course of 2018. In an IRONMAN 70.3 they diminish by approximately 18 points per minute. For females, the average half marathon finish time is 2:11:57.