.nf-form-content .nf-field-container.listradio-container li label { } Current minimum wage rates. .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-161-wrap .nf-field-label label label.nf-checked-label::before { height:40px; color:#f9f9f9; Stay informed with the latest news and tips to manage your business safely and effectively. border-color:#036487; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-149-wrap .nf-field-label label { color:#dd3333 !important; border-style:solid; How to use the New Zealand Income Tax Calculator. .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.listradio-container li label { background-color:#ffffff; Payment of wages/salary. color:#f9f9f9; background-color:#ffffff; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.file_upload-container .nf-field-label label { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.textarea-container .field-wrap { The average hourly pay for a Registered Nurse (RN) in New Zealand is NZ$29.04. } color:#727272; background-color:#ffffff; Visit PayScale to research registered nurse (rn) hourly pay by city, experience, skill, employer and more. What is the average salary in New Zealand? .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.listradio-container .nf-field-element li { Salaries and Wages in New Zealand We’ll begin our look at salaries by considering hourly and weekly wages. Employers should take the time to develop an employment agreement that is specific to the employee’s role. } New Zealand Shores offers assistance and advice on your likely salary and the additional benefits that you can negotiate for each position. This would give an annual average salary of around $65,600, working standard full-time hours (38 hours). } } border-radius: 5px; } Highest-paying jobs in 2017 (source: Trademe), Lowest-paying jobs in 2017 (source: Trademe). Import & extraction details. .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-149-wrap .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field { New Zealanders' median income was $959 a week last year, according to Statistics New Zealand. Find pay rates and pay ranges for over 400 jobs in our job profiles. Bonuses: Frequent and regular bonuses are taxed by adding the amounts to gross wages for the period in which they were earned. border-color:#74ceeb; } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-161-wrap .nf-field-label label { } } font-size:14pt; Are you eligible to move to New Zealand? height:15px; } Applications for claim period 11 (December 20, 2020, to January 16, 2021) are now open. Pay rate (remuneration) thresholds are based on the annual New Zealand Labour Market Statistics (Income) information from the June quarter, released in September or October each year. } font-size:12px; color:#ffffff; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-149-wrap .nf-field-element li { / Steven Bragg. } Download our free e-guides to expand your knowledge about workplace relations. .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-162-wrap .nf-field-element li label .nf-field-element label::before { Management & Business enjoy the highest gross average salaries (NZ$ 111,001), followed by Aviation & Shipping (NZ$ 111,794), and Finance & Banking (NZ$ 97,445). color:#dd3333 !important; } } border-width:1px; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.file_upload-container .file_upload-wrap .nf-field-element .files_uploaded { } } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-160-wrap .nf-field-label label { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-149-wrap .nf-field-element li label { The conditions of an annual salary and the associated entitlements must be outlined between employer and employee in an employment agreement. } The lowest paid jobs in New Zealand, relative to qualifications and experience, are all in the services sector, with hotel receptionists, waiters/waitresses and bar staff regularly being rated right at the bottom of the scale. font-size:12pt; .nf-response-msg { } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.file_upload-container .file_upload-wrap .nf-field-element .nf-fu-progress .nf-fu-progress-bar { } } Wages in New Zealand increased to 33.86 NZD/Hour in the third quarter of 2020 from 33.37 NZD/Hour in the second quarter of 2020. height:100px; } Your employer must pay you at least the minimum wage for every hour you work. border-style:solid; color:#ffffff; color:#ffffff; background-color:#ffffff; color:#dd3333; background-color:#036487; Minimum wage rates apply to all employees aged 16 and over, who are full-time, part-time, fixed-term, casual, working from home, and paid by wages, salary, commission or piece rates (some exceptions). color:#ffffff; December 12, 2020. border-color:#f9f9f9; color:#dd3333; Just enter your gross annual salary into the box and click Calculate - then we'll show you a breakdown of how much PAYE tax you'll pay and what your kiwisaver and student loan contributions will be.. You can vary the kiwisaver contribution rate to see the effect on your net pay. Negotiating a salary is common practice in most industries and often crucial to meeting the needs of the individual and the business. The essential difference between a salary and wages is that a salaried person is paid a fixed amount per pay period and a wage earner is paid by the hour. } height:15px; } } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-138-wrap .nf-field-element li label .nf-field-element label::before { If the employee had worked only 30 hours during the work week, the paycheck will show gross wages of $450 (30 x $15). In comparison, the median salary in Australia is about NZ$87,733 per year. Find out if you are eligible for a New Zealand visa! border-style:solid; Holiday pay: If you agree to an employee’s request to receive up to a week’s holiday pay as cash, it will need to be taxed as a lump sum payment. border-radius: 5px; } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-149-wrap .nf-field-element li label.nf-checked-label::before { You may have noticed that the minimum wage vs living wage debate has been making headlines recently. .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.submit-container .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field:hover { As of 1 April 2019, the minimum wage rate per hour for employees 16 years or older is: While this is the minimum wage, an employee’s salary will naturally be calculated based on the profession, training and level of experience. Read on here. } font-size:12px; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-174-wrap { The highest paid sectors in New Zealand over the last 5 years have been mining, electricity, gas and water supply, finance and information technology. } border-color:#f9f9f9; color:#ffffff; Madison Recruitment’s 'NZ Salaries' site is a free community-based portal. background-color:#74ceeb; height:40px; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.file_upload-container .file_upload-wrap .nf-field-element .files_uploaded p a.delete { Explore salaries for your profession, company or industry with more than 600 million salaries posted on Indeed. } However, the subjects you studied, your work experience, the demand for your skills in New Zealand, and how well you can negotiate your entry salary will have an effect too. } New Zealand's Best PAYE Calculator. In a relatively low-wage earning society, full … border-width:1px; background-color:#74ceeb; Take our assessment! An annual salary is a type of remuneration where the employee works set hours each week, and gets a pre-determined wage each week, fortnight or month. border-radius:5px; } background-color:#ffffff; .nf-form-errors .nf-error-msg { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.file_upload-container .file_upload-wrap .nf-field-element .nf-fu-progress .nf-fu-progress-bar { background-color:#036487; Sitting in seventh position, Kiwis on the minimum wage can expect to take home $10.67 an hour – that’s after tax and other deductions are taken into account, along with the cost of living. Adult minimum wage. Minimum Wage Boosted 7.3% in 2019 New Rate: $17.70 from 1 April 2019 The Adult Minimum Wage was increased $1.20 to $17.70 as of 1 April 2019. }/* FIELDS STYLES */ Salaried workers must receive at least equal or higher than the current minimum wage rate. }, FREE CALL UK: 0800 710 1003  |  CALL NZ: 0064 7 929 2280 |     [email protected], CHECK your eligibility |  COVID-19 |  Contact Us | My Account. .nf-form-content .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field:not(select) { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-138-wrap .nf-field-element li label { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-138-wrap .nf-field-label label { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.file_upload-container .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field { Employees must be paid in money (NZ banknotes and coins) unless: their employer is the Crown or a local authority, then the employer can choose to pay the employee by cheque; the employee agrees or asks in writing to be paid by postal order, money order, cheque or bank deposit. } background-color:#f9f9f9; color:#727272; font-size:12px; } border-radius: 5px; } color:#727272; Employers in New Zealand usually deduct the relevant amount of tax from the salary through a pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) system. border-color:#036487; } background-color:#036487; } .nf-form-cont { font-size:12px; color:#6fc93e; ecent report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has revealed how New Zealand’s minimum wage compares to other developed countries. In particular, employment positions in IT sales, digital architecture, and financial controlling regularly rank as the highest paid jobs in the country, along with doctors. Careers website (salary by field of study). color:#ffffff; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.checkbox-container .nf-field-label label { color:#ffffff; font-size:12px; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.checkbox-container .nf-field-label label { You can see this agreement at www.nzei.org.nz.For more information on teachers’ pay, allowances and qualifications visit the Ministry of Education website. .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.textarea-container .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-138-wrap .nf-field-element li label label.nf-checked-label::before { This salary is usually negotiated as an annual figure. font-size:11pt; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-172-wrap { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.listradio-container .field-wrap { font-size:14px; Average salaries in New Zealand can vary greatly based on a career field. } How easy is it to find skilled employment in New Zealand. font-size:0.9em; border-color:#74ceeb; There is also a minimum wage in New Zealand, but it will not meet the threshold to get any work visa. border-radius: 5px; } This salary is usually negotiated as an annual figure. Someone who is paid a salary is paid a fixed amount in each pay period, with the total of these fixed payments over a full year summing to the amount of the salary. Employers should be prepared to make an offering that guarantees long-term success for the business and employee. } By appealing to the specific needs of people – rather than focusing on the numbers – employers can make an enticing offer than makes themselves and the employee happy. background-color:#ffffff; border-style:solid; font-size:12px; The site is designed to enable New Zealanders easily share salary intelligence and help ascertain what people in NZ are really earning. .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-149-wrap .nf-field-element li .nf-element { } For instance in 2016, the highest paid Bachelor degree holders were in medical fields. } Below are the most common conditions for salaried employment agreements: Other factors to include that may be relevant are development and training, intellectual property, confidential information and restrictive covenants. color:#F9F9F9; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-161-wrap .nf-field-element li label label.nf-checked-label::before { font-size:12pt; font-size:12pt; Following are the major differences between salary and wages: Salary is the fixed amount of compensation which is paid for the performance of an employee. Salary is given to the skilled persons who apply their proficiencies in respective fields and generate the … According to a Department of Labor doctrine known as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), hourly employees eligible for overtime are classified as "non-exempt," while hourly workers ineligible for overtime pay are classified as "exempt. font-size:12pt; Builder. color:#ffffff; color:#F9F9F9; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-160-wrap .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field { Job profiles - information on pay, entry requirements and opportunities 2020 median pay and pay ranges by job category. Wages in New Zealand averaged 21.83 NZD/Hour from 1989 until 2020, reaching an all time high of 33.86 NZD/Hour in the third quarter of 2020 and a record low of 13.07 NZD/Hour in the first quarter of 1989. border-width:1px; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-138-wrap .nf-field-label label .nf-field-element label::before { color:#f9f9f9; } To find out more information, please refer to the Government’s Careers website, the MBIE, Trademe, and Seek. File as imported: Household Labour Force Survey: Earnings from main wage and salary job by industry (ANZSIC 2006), sex, age groups, and ethnic groups June 2020 From the dataset Household Labour Force Survey: Earnings from main wage and salary job by industry (ANZSIC 2006), sex, age groups, and ethnic groups June 2020, this data was extracted: color:#ffffff; The Kindergarten Association, however, has a collective contract that includes a salary scale. In this Employsure Blog guest post, Pran Rawal provides some expert insights into the discussion and the impact it could have on small business in New Zealand. background-color:#ffffff; Get to know Employsure and find out how we can help your business. font-size:11pt; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.listcountry-container .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field { color:#727272; .nf-form-title h3 { color:#ffffff; .nf-form-fields-required { It is also important to look into the cost of living in New Zealand which is generally considered high compared to the salaries offered. parties involved in the contract and the duration of the contract, duties and responsibilities of the position. The median income in New Zealand is just under NZ$25,50 per hour as of mid-2020 (NZD$53,040 per annum based on a 40-hour week). height:100px; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.listradio-container .nf-field-element li { } Salaries data from Statistics NZ show that in the second quarter of 2019 people were earning the wage levels shown below. Many New Zealand companies offer more non-monetary benefits to their employees when compared with businesses in other countries. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content./* PLUGIN WIDE STYLES */ font-size:12px; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container .field-wrap { font-size:14pt; } }, Notice: JavaScript is required for this content./* PLUGIN WIDE STYLES */ background-color:#ffffff; } New Zealand workers need to earn more than $52,100 before tax each year to be considered an above-average earner. .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.submit-container .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.file_upload-container .file_upload-wrap .nf-field-element .nf-fu-progress { Understand commonly used industrial relations terms. } } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-162-wrap .nf-field-label label label.nf-checked-label::before { } height:20px; Our Salary Guide offers a market overview of the New Zealand industry and typical salaries at this point in time. Another important point to note is that salaries are negotiable, to an extent, and most businesses do not advertise remuneration packages in job advertisements, so it will help to do your research beforehand to get an idea of what you should expect, or what you think you are worth. The optimal NZ salary is more than three times the average wage - study Judy Bailey grills Chris Hipkins on teacher salaries Among the most surprising was Secret Service agents in the US. padding:20px; font-size:14px; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.file_upload-container .file_upload-wrap .nf-field-element .nf-fu-progress { } } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-154-wrap { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.file_upload-container .file_upload-wrap .nf-field-element .files_uploaded { color:#727272; New Zealand wages vary greatly by industry and we also record regional variations: as a guideline, salaries are higher where the cost of living and housing is dearer. } Google Pay works with hundreds of banks and payment providers. color:#727272; font-size:12pt; } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-173-wrap { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-419-wrap .nf-field-label label { General Practitioner (GP) Doctor Salaries / Wages in 2020 .nf-form-content .nf-error-wrap .nf-error-msg { font-size:14px; It is important to fully research the expected rates of salary for your given skills and work experience. color:#ffffff; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-149-wrap .nf-field-element li label .nf-field-element label::before { } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-162-wrap .nf-field-label label { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-170-wrap { The trade-off is well recognised as the lifestyle that New Zealand brings and the environment to raise your children. .nf-form-errors .nf-error-msg { font-size:12px; .nf-form-fields-required { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container .field-wrap { CANADA Last year, the base salary for all members of the Canadian Parliament rose 1.4 per cent to C$172,700 (NZ… background-color:#ffffff; Calculate your take home pay from hourly wage or salary. The adult minimum wage rate for employees aged 16 years or older: $18.90 an hour before tax; $756 before tax for a 40 hour week. } } border-width:1px; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.listradio-container .nf-field-label label { Essential Skills in Demand (skills shortage lists), Getting a job with an Accredited Employer, where the cost of living and housing is dearer, +64 7 929 2280 (click to call from mobile), 0800 710 1003 (click to call free from the UK), Data warehousing and Business Intelligence (IT) $115,000, Construction project and contract management $105,000. File as imported: Household Labour Force Survey: Earnings from main wage and salary job by occupation (ANZSCO 2006), sex, age groups, and ethnic groups June 2020 From the dataset Household Labour Force Survey: Earnings from main wage and salary job by occupation (ANZSCO 2006), sex, age groups, and ethnic groups June 2020, this data was extracted: color:#ffffff; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.textarea-container .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field { } } The most successful diploma holders were in engineering. } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.file_upload-container .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field:hover { Find the average pay based on your skills and experience. This places New Zealand on the 22nd place in the International Labour Organisation statistics for 2012.. The average monthly net salary in New Zealand (NZ) is around 3 117 NZD, with a minimum income of 2 157 NZD per month. Company cars, company telephones, paid meals or fitness centre registrations are all often included in remuneration packages. .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-149-wrap .nf-field-element li label label.nf-checked-label::before { .nf-form-content .nf-field-label label { font-size:12px; font-size:12px; height:50px; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-162-wrap .nf-field-element li label { .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-161-wrap .nf-field-element li label .nf-field-element label::before { An annual salary is a type of remuneration where the employee works set hours each week, and gets a pre-determined wage each week, fortnight or month. color:#757575; Import & extraction details. } background-color:#f9f9f9; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-138-wrap .nf-field-label label label.nf-checked-label::before { } This page provides - New Zealand Average Hourly Wages - … This means employers must have an in-depth understanding of the current market (in relation to their industry) and the minimum entitlements for New Zealand workers. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. font-size:1.4em; border-width:1px; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-161-wrap .nf-field-element li label { } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-132-wrap { Find out what the changes are. } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.file_upload-container .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field { background-color:#74ceeb; } border-color:#74ceeb; font-size:12pt; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.textarea-container .field-wrap { font-size:12pt; } #nf-form-12-cont { Will New Zealand employers hire migrants? font-size:14px; } .nf-form-content .nf-error-wrap .nf-error-msg { color:#ffffff; } } .nf-form-content .nf-field-container.submit-container .nf-field-element .ninja-forms-field { color:#dd3333 !important; If that was paid in a salary, the median salary for a … border-color:#74ceeb; }/* FORM STYLES */ background-color:#74ceeb; border-color:#f9f9f9; height:30px; border-style:solid; color:#ffffff; } } Job categories with their median (average) pay, and pay ranges for jobs advertised recently on Trade Me. #nf-form-12-cont .nf-form-title h3 { The higher the qualification, the more you will earn. } } Getting a New Zealand qualification may also give you the leading edge in your search for skilled employment. Salaries may be covered by a collective agreement or negotiated on an individual basis. background-color:#74ceeb; .nf-form-content .nf-field-container #nf-field-148-wrap { font-size:12pt; border-width:1px;