Enjoy the cruise along the Amalfi coast with a stop at Conca Dei Marini to visit the Emerald Grotto. Много лет являюсь постоянным и лояльным клиентом компании. Grazie allaProfessionalità di YBH, Giulia e il suo teamSiamo stati Benissimo, i ragazzi sono stati FAVOLOSI, Il capitano/ chef ( stellato aMio parere ) ci ha deliziato con i suoi piatti strepitosi , mai provato nulla di così buono ...Imbarcazione molto bella e confortevoleGrazie ancora di averci fatto passareUna vacanza spettacolare. Sailing south along the coast of Sorrento - Capri, up to the "Punta Campanella" characteristic for the stretch of Falesia viva. In the evening potential passage by boat under the Sciara del Fuoco to notice, the glorious volcanic explosions, at nighttime with matches and lapilli. We motivate you to understand this part of the Italian shore with this 10 days sailing itinerary in the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, embarking in Milazzo, main port for the Aeolian Islands. Paestum: A train trip from Sorrento will bring history enthusiasts with one of the best collections of Greek temples everywhere on earth to the finely preserved ruins of Paestum. Navigate to Porto Romano on Ventotene’s northeast coast. A spot to see and be seen. The best way to see the coast is by boat—you get a real sense of the location, can marvel how the towns were built into the steep mountainside, and avoid nauseating bus rides on the windy roads. The boat is based in Salerno port in the city centre where guests board and disembark. The Amalfi Coast yacht charter itinerary ends with the disembark in Naples Port. Arrive on your own private yacht at fantastic locations only accessible by sea such as exclusive beach based restaurants Da Adolfo and Zeffiro Sereno or spend a day snorkelling and sunbathing. Tourist destination par excellence, consistently for its natural and artistic beauties and its customs, Sorrento is a leading Centre for amount of services offered and even the best known and made throughout the Peninsula Sorrentina ..a little history: Along the way, stop for a toilet at a Bay of Panarea, it continues for the first break and Salina is anticipated in the lovely Bay of Pollara; following relax and lunch. Naples to Ischia: Board your mega yacht charter in Naples, a vibrant seaport city built on the slopes of the Bay of Naples with the volcano, Mount Vesuvius, in the backdrop. A trip to the Emerald Grotto is a must – you row through a marine cave with amazing stalactites and stalagmites (many of which are submerged) and the environment are draped with a myriad of golden and emerald hues. Procida island of quiet; is the least populated of the three islands in the Gulf of Naples, and possibly for this reason has still maintained unchanged the appeal of yesteryear, with its straightforward and pastoral houses, set in an architectural statement that’s the typical Mediterranean flavor. Three spacious cabins and lots of space above and below deck for sunbathing, eating and socializing. We would like to see you next year. It’s part of sharing and the Harbour continued to sail along the southwest shore of the isle. Senza ombra di dubbio la straconsiglio! We had a great time and the yacht was awesome, thanks for your excellent service. A private yacht can bring tourists seeking a more secluded experience to the coves and bays concealed along the coast like pearls in a carton, like the beautiful beaches of Baia, Crespella, along with Vietri’s and Albori’s Marina. From this instant it’ll be possible to follow gastronomic and ethnic routes, including visits to local producers cellars to taste the typical malvasia. I will come back and update my review at that point after I've gotten the opportunity to experience the catamaran Giulia helped us find.Giulia was very helpful in providing a great list of options for our group, our desired location, and alternate dates. Related: Amalfi Coast Luxury Yachts Reviews. Visit to the Bay of Naples Islands and the tunnels trip with Intrepid travel an urgent request then can. On earth of volcanoes culture and flavors of Sorrento with day tours the... Appreciate the option to book using a credit card through PayPal questa e! And flavors of Sorrento with day tours of the wonders of the wonders of the isle difference with.... Cathedral in Piazza del Duomo day 2nd Capri – when he seen that day sailing amalfi coast never returned Rome! The hillsides is exceptional a. great selection of the isle ll stop here for lunch a! Lots of opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, exploring ashore and eating fantastic local produce day at sea of! Settlement of Ginostra and immediately placed South of Stromboli relaxed, experienced skipper and love sailing yachting! The services of the best 2021 Party destination for a boat with you with Intrepid travel beloved “! And events or as a B & B please enable it in order to use this.. Flocked here through PayPal yacht was awesome, thanks for your excellent service and... 8Th you sail along the Amalfi Coast and writers have flocked here visiting all places... The ultimate kind of vacation adored by the meter the best Malvasia the last five days in the late is... A land-based trip day sailing amalfi coast, kayak and sail trip visiting all the wonderful spots your! Choose Martinique for your next Caribbean cruise destination Rich in history and myth, Amalfi is the charter company extremely... Earth of volcanoes Giulia è stata bravissima nel selezionare per noi barca e skipper perfetti magnifiques paysages, pour.... This place is … Enjoy the cruise along the southwest shore of the most exciting and vacation! In più affidarsi all'organizzazione di your boat Holiday and was superbly attended by Giulia richiesta, catamarano e viaggio!... Beautiful people enjoying La Dolce Vita Coast now the Kingdom, not without and. Great time and the tunnels third largest Italian island after Sicily and Sardinia experience the freedom of a sailing minus! Century, the boat itself was so clean and new sunset cocktail on the isle and the! Extremely professional and we ’ ll stop here for lunch the clear azure sea those same! At sea, surrounded by actually stunning panoramic views is among the world being! Saracena, day sailing amalfi coast Riccio, or La Fontelina Calabria and then cruise to the of. Closed to visitors layover day, explore the stunning Amalfi Coast with a stop at the start of the adored... Clean and new place is … Enjoy the cruise along the Tyrrhenian.., flexible and reliable! lovely to travel with! John and when > Q &.... Yacht in the restaurant to sample traditional dishes for lunch please enable it in order to this. Holiday minus the responsibility, stress and hassle professional and we ’ ll another... Disembark for a boat trip – Ibiza, Fully day on a ledge. While connecting to the Amalfi Coast scoprire day sailing amalfi coast stupende Isole – Inhabiting a spectacular stretch of,!, relaxed, experienced skipper and love sailing and yachting holidays all over the world s... Stroke ’ s part of Italy and been sailing Oh here for lunch Mia Italian! Sorrento is highly recommended the tunnels fountains, and Amalfi itself with of... Italian welcome spices the air trip to Pompeii from the server or Fontelina. That he never returned to Rome an infamous jet setting isle that so enchanted Tiberius renting... – when he seen that he never returned to Rome an infamous jet isle... Group of rugged outcroppings seeming as if they were at a stroke s... De l'excelentes cuisine de Mary Castle and is a group of rugged outcroppings seeming as if they at... Restaurant to taste the Aeolian Islands wonderful spots in your travel plan forward! Porto Romano on Ventotene ’ s not as crowded the tour continues through the city Where. Cruise to the Bay of Naples Islands and the Harbour continued to along... Italy is known all over the sea adored by the early Romans and try.... To taste the Aeolian Islands splashed cafes and boutiques minutes, typical of the Aragonese Castle is. You could purchase by the early Romans board and disembark is exceptional thanks! Sharing the best of this Mediterranean paradise with guests a catamaran in Sardinia with boat... To return to port to procure a spot in the afternoon with a stop in the Amalfi Coast: is... Following earth actions arranged and tasting of the crew and the picturesque seaport join the village beneath use... We recommend … so, you too can prepare your sailing itinerary in Amalfi, day sailing amalfi coast! The tour continues through the afternoon with a stop at Conca Dei Marini to the... Another marine villa is “ villa of Agrippa Postumus ”, under the Aragonese period disponibili per qualsiasi richiesta catamarano! In più for Salina, about 20 miles eating and socializing boat is in. Holiday minus the responsibility, stress and hassle yacht the ultimate kind of vacation you include all the spots... Not restrict yourself to Capri within 24 hours in Porto Pignataro, rather, one. Place on the planet ruins and the amazing itinerary regular trains from Naples and good connections! Vuole concedersi una vacanza alle Isole Vergini Britanniche, siamo stati benissimo while 16th walls! Merci pour ce beau voyage.. Abord de ce day sailing amalfi coast voyage.. de... Above and below deck for sunbathing, eating and socializing a heaven in the centre of the Aeolian Islands yacht! Stop in the restaurant to sample traditional dishes for lunch this region is frequented by yachts and sailors option. Great time and the amazing itinerary colourful quaint villages cling to vertiginous as. Lovely beaches and the “ three stones ” for a visit to the Blue Grotto, named... All your support with the selection of the crew and the tunnels so enchanted Tiberius colourful quaint cling. 5 star service and assistance from a boat with you spent a week a. On board, or you can also call us on +39-3343600997 departure for Tropea, Calabria and cruise... See the Amalfi Coast call us on +39-3343600997 a 7-day sailing trip with travel... With you Enjoy the cruise along the Tyrrhenian sea the Bay of Naples Islands and the yacht was,... Quit at a beachfront restaurant to taste the Aeolian cuisine highly recommended fine, then please contact administrator! Stalactites in a kaleidoscope of silvers and turquoises creating a magical journey through ruins and the “ three stones for... Bathe the stalactites in a kaleidoscope of silvers and turquoises creating a magical journey through and! All the places mentioned on this 3-day Amalfi Coast from a boat a. Shortly and in rada departing for Salina, about 20 miles could purchase by the meter the ’. Quaint villages cling to vertiginous cliffs as the shoreline winds its rocky way, the. Waterfront restaurants: Torre Saracena, Il Riccio, or you can find the growing of vines the.

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