James Hargreaves (c. 1720 – 22 April 1778) was a weaver, carpenter and inventor in Lancashire, England. John Hargreaves Mehran Reihani A top anti-reflective coating, AZ Aquatar TARC, has been used with i-line positive photoresists in the imaging of 0.35 μm isolated images over topography. Delphi Technologies IP Ltd Delco Electronics LLC John Hargreaves was born in January 1944 in Everton, the son of a docks labourer, one of eight children who all shared one bedroom in a Liverpool terrace house.. Hargreaves left school at 14, went into the retail business when he was 16, and opened the first Matalan store in Preston in 1985. After John Kay’s Flying Shuttle, Hargreaves’ Spinning Jenny is one of the essential improvements to weaving machinery at the time. Invented the flying shuttle - doubled the work a weaver could do in a day - halves the labor cost - spurs further inventions. Biography of James Hargreaves. Nationality English Gender Male Occupation inventor. John Gordon Hargrave (6 June 1894 – 21 November 1982), (woodcraft name 'White Fox'), was a prominent youth leader in Britain during the 1920s and 1930s, Head Man of the Kibbo Kift, described in his obituary as an 'author, cartoonist, inventor, lexicographer, artist and psychic healer'. The name "jenny" actually came from the English slang for "engine." James Hargreaves (c. 1720 – 22 April 1778) was an English weaver, carpenter and inventor who lived and worked in Lancashire, England.He was one of three men responsible for the mechanisation of spinning: Hargreaves is credited with inventing the spinning jenny in 1764; Richard Arkwright patented the water frame in 1769; and Samuel Crompton combined the two, creating the spinning mule in 1779. Early in the eighteenth century Englishman John Kay (1704-1764) invented theflying shuttle, allowing weavers to produce material much faster than ever before. His family was poor so James had no formal education that meant he was unable to read or write. The idea that Hargreaves named his invention after either his wife or his daughter is also a long-standing myth. Hargreaves is credited with inventing the spinning jenny in 1764, Richard Arkwright patented the water frame in 1769, and Samuel Crompton combined the two … James Hargreaves was born in 1720 near Blackburn, England. Inventor Giulio Angel Ricci-Ottati Russell Harmon Bosch Kenneth David Mowery Martin Paul Hardy Andrew John Hargreaves Current Assignee (The listed assignees may be inaccurate. By 1760 James lived in Stanhill a small little village. James Hargreaves. Career. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of the list.) who created the first cotton mill in england. Hargreaves invented the machine around 1764, perhaps an improvement on one created by Thomas High that collected thread on six spindles. John Hargreaves Produced the spinning jenny - spun eight threads at one time. Matalan has over 200 stores in the UK, and employs over 16,000 people. He was one of three inventors responsible for mechanising spinning. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. who created the first cotton mill in england. 3:16 am January 17th, 2021 James Hargreaves’ Spinning Jenny was one of the most important inventions of the 18th century that massively improved the weaving industry, and that signaled the onset of the Industrial Revolution. From a young age James was interested in engineering.